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Police Investigate Kahnawake Situs Judi Bola Casinos

Quebec provincial police are currently investigating the online casinos on the Kahnawake First Nations reserve to see if they fall within the boundaries of the law.

The goal of the investigation is to determine whether the casinos being operated on the reserve, which is located just outside Montreal, are illegal and should be shut down or if the province needs to rewrite existing gambling statutes to address the issue.

Current legislation does not explicitly prohibit with online wagering, but provincial authorities maintain that any gaming facility that is not officially licensed is illegal.

“The only one who has the right to operate a casino in Quebec is the government,” said Francois Moisan, spokesman for Quebec’s alcohol, racing and gaming board. “Others, such as religious groups and charities, can get licenses but our mandate is to control the licensing.”

As previously reported on WINNERonline, Mohawks on the Kahnawake reserve disagree with the government’s position, citing territorial sovereignty and legal uncertainty over online gambling.

That position may not keep the province at bay indefinitely, however. Montreal-based law professor Sunny Handa noted that the police have acted within their authority when they shut down other questionable casinos.

“They use pretty broad language in the Criminal Code that would catch lots of different people doing [running casinos].”

Ultimately, any decision on the Kahnawake Situs Judi Bola casino servers will be political in nature. Governmental relations with native groups have been anything but exemplary in recent years, and as a result, the Quebec government will tread cautiously until it has a strong legal opinion in its favor.

Police launched their investigation late last year after a request from the Public Security minister.

World Gaming Launches New Software

from World Gaming – World Gaming plc, a global pioneer in I-gaming technologies, has released version 3.2 of its widely used state-of-the-art I-gaming software. Further, the company has announced that future product enhancements will be put into production every 12 weeks.

“World Gaming 3.2 is a major accomplishment for the company and a demonstration of current management’s commitment to meeting its targets and deadlines,” said Mike Aymong, CEO of World Gaming. “World Gaming 3.2 significantly raises the bar for I-gaming software. No one in our industry is offering such a powerful I-gaming environment, nor are they committed to such an aggressive product development schedule.”

World Gaming 3.2 offers 10 Instant play Java casino games, six Java lottery games and 15 C++ downloadable, Windows environment casino games. World Gaming 3.2 also offers sports book and pari-mutuel betting, including live horse racing, greyhound and Jai Alai action.

Additional features and functionality include an innovative, back-office Command Center that allows licensees to manage their business and generate dozens of usage and financial reports, ensuring ongoing service improvements and a better customer experience.

“World Gaming 3.2 incorporates the industry-leading security afforded by our recent partnership with HNC Software,” said David Pasieka, COO of World Gaming. “There is no doubt that today we are offering the safest and most entertaining I-gaming experience on the market. These are the two measures that will guide us as we roll out further product enhancements aimed at capturing greater market share.”

Industry analysts at Bear Stearns, a New York-based finance and investment company, estimates that by 2004 more than 15 million people will place wagers online, with the total amount wagered topping $6 billion by 2003.

“We have put a strong international sales and marketing team in place to support this release,” said Aymong. “World Gaming has a tremendous market opportunity, as our competitors continue to play catch up, and we intend to capitalize on that opportunity.”


World Gaming 3.2 is available July 27, 2001. Interested parties can contact sales for licensing the software by visiting the World Gaming web site. Existing licensees will be migrated to the new software on a request basis.