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Online Game Players – Improve Your Aim with a Free Replacement Crosshair from Bullseye Crosshairs

Thousands of online gamers playing Quake 2, Quake 3, Half-Life, Counter Strike, Opposing Force and several other multiplayer games, have replaced the inadequate stock crosshairs with brighter, more visible ones that don’t disappear in the heat of battle or blend in with the background just at that critical second when you need them most.

Bullseye Crosshairs ( http://www.bullseyecrosshairs.com ) has assembled hundreds of replacement crosshairs for many of the popular online action games. They were all made by other players around the world who were willing to share their designs with the rest of the game playing community. Each x-hair is displayed so you know exactly what you’re getting before you download.

The site has complete instructions for changing the crosshair in each ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล game along with hints on how to create your own. There’s even a detailed tutorial for Paint Shop Pro for advanced crosshair creation using semi-transparent elements. But you can recolor or redesign some existing x-hairs with hardly any graphics knowledge at all. Give it a try.

GameHouse.com Goes Global

SEATTLE, WA – October 11, 2000 – GameHouse.com, a premier internet games developer, announces today that it will be collaborating with various international and domestic companies, …

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